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Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Montepulciano is a land where history and art are constantly
bonded with everyday life, a land surrounded by gentle slopes
illuminated by a bright sunlight that can be appreciated here
and nowhere else, a land full of flavours and smells where the
breathtaking beauty of the Tuscan countryside is still being
protected by nature.
Thus, it is a land where one may find himself and enjoy
the great outdoors while being inebriated by the harmony
of nature, its unique beauty, delicacy, fascination and
contemporaneously being involved emotionally in history and
tradition of these places.
Metinella, a Montepulciano-based estate in the heart of the
famous wine-growing area of Nobile, was established at the
end of 2015 after incorporating in one two of the existing
local wine estates, aimed at joining together the best qualities
and ingredients of the vines and its grapes spread by the soil.
Inspired by the generosity of nature and the excellence of
its fruits, our primary and only choice is oriented to work
respectfully for these places and their traditions, in absolute
harmony with them following environmentally beneficial
methods and avoiding any use of chemicals.
Requalification of vine plantings has required a hard work;
all vineyards have been fixed and brought into alignment,
their support stakes adequately replaced, soil and drainage
ditches appropriately improved.

It was also necessary for the vineyards to get declivity in
shape after being damaged over time.
Grass family essences suitable for a natural enrichment of
the soil have been adequately seeded; one vineyard was
removed to be replanted in compliance with the vine varietals
required to make the very Nobile following the tradition.
Furthermore, it was continually striven for the entire
renovation of the wine cellar by setting about the task of
restoring its building and, in addition, of implementing the
temperature and humidity monitoring system in the barrel
room, followed by the replacement of all wooden barrels.
It was also opted for 25- and 50-hectoliter oak barrels
encouraged by the conviction that this size is the ideal one
to keep wine during its malolactic conversion and ageing as
At the core of Metinella philosophy is, indeed, not only firm
belief in tradition but also in modernity and future, focusing
primarily on constant quality rather than on quantity.
Accordingly, our vineyards and olive oil grove are grown on a
day-to-day basis and each stage occurs just at the optimum
time following the natural cycle of the seasons.

The amount of buds is also duly set through pruning; in
fact, its selection starts from inflorescence, harvesting of
grapes occurs by hand and at different intervals of time after
examining carefully the stages of the grape berry maturation,
allowing the grapes to be picked at the time of their best
phenolic maturation.
Metinella estate extends over an area of 22 hectares, 18
of which are under vine cultivation starting from a height of
350 to 550 meters above sea level with its sandy soil that
owes its origin to the Pliocene epoch and enjoys a favourable
sunlight exposure from the east to the south.
Our attention has also been turned to wine lovers and tasters:
first, by selecting the image of our brand with the utmost
care and, second, a customized packaging in conical trunkshaped
bottles with a white and simple label design along
with a packing in casket-shaped boxes to highlight the very
character of Metinella between tradition and modernity.
A further significant and not negligible aim of us is to share
“METINELLA project” with all members of our working team,
enabling us to achieve high-quality wines.