Preview Vino Nobile 2015
Le immagini della ventunesima edizione dell'evento di presentazione delle nuove annate

Anteprima del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Harvest Report 2012 by Riccardo Cotarella and some producers of Vino Nobile.


Newsletter n. 4 [21/10/2015]

The grape harvest is over. In the vineyards the grapes have been picked, and work has moved on to the cellars, where the Vino Nobile 2015 is beginning to take shape. The climate and the harvest bode well for the vintage: healthy grapes of an outstanding...

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MUSIC&WINE [25/02/2016]

We all know that wine is both poetry and music, and that wine can help inspire the writing of lovely music and beautiful words. A good glass of wine is certainly an excellent accompaniment for a relaxation with a favourite song. Music in wine, and also wine in music: many songs in Italy and elsewhere around the world celebrate wine in their title or lyrics. We have put together some of the more or less famous songs that have wine at heart. A...