Consorzio Vino Nobile Montepulciano
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano


Features of the 1997 Vintage

In order to review the various stages in development of the Prugnolo gentile grape in 1997, it is important to bear in mind the weather for the whole year.
Unusually warm temperatures during March caused the buds to swell with consequent early budbreak.
Between April 8th and 18th there was a sudden drop in the temperature down to below freezing, inhibiting growth and killing some of the buds. Fortunately this problem was limited to lower lying areas and valley bottoms.
The following months were extremely favourable to vine growth, resulting in satisfactory flowering and fmit set and, exceptionally for Prugnolo, veraison as early as the last week of July.

Summary of phenological stages
- beginning of budbreak 24-03
- bunch formation 10-05
- flowering 24-05
- fruit set 09-06
- veraison 25-07
- end of veraison 15-08

Due to high temperatures and absence of rain throughout August and September the grapes were in perfect condition and extremely concentrated with a very high sugar content, a pH slightly above average and an intense colour.
Phenolic ripeness, although slightly delayed in relation to the high sugar content, was optimum.
The organoleptic attributes revealed at first tastings made after the harvest have been confirmed at later tastings. In particular, the colour has shown great stability and the wine is an intense and very bright ruby red. The aromas have undergone an exceptionally interesting evolution and the initial slight lack of fruitiness has been amply compensated by highly intense spicy aromas. The structure is excellent and well underpinned by plenty of sweet tannins, while the finish is smooth with no hints of bitterness.