Consorzio Vino Nobile Montepulciano
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano


Features of the 1998 Vintage

A mild winter and cool early spring months caused early bud swelling with budbreak occurring more or less according to average in the middle of April.
Rainfall occurred regularly throughout spring, acting favourably on successive developmental stages and only causing some scattered dropping off of buds at flowering.
This meant a slight reduction in the load of grapes as the Prugnolo Gentile bunches were not qui te so tight and dense.
During the summer the high temperature and lack of rain encouraged early veraison, delaying ripening during the month of August in particularly clayey soils.
The drop in temperature and the first rains of September speeded up ripening which was complete by the first IO days of October.

Summary of phenological stages

- bud swelling 20/03
- beginning of budbreak 03/04
- bunch formation 10/04
- flowering 18/05
- fruit set 04/06
- beginning of veraison 28/07
- end of veraison 20/08

The grapes were in perfect condition at harvest time in spite of some rain towards the end of September, the sugar content was a little higher than average, acidity was normal and the colour very intense.
Phenolic maturity and technical ripeness were reached at the same time, with a particularly high quantity of anthocyans and phenolics.
From the first analyses their extractabily was shown ti be equally high.
The first chemical analyses after the malolactic fermentation evidenced very high levels of total polyphenols and overall col or intensity.
These analytical indexes were confirmed by the post-malolactic tasting of the wines, which were both concentrated and supple on the palate. The evolution of the wines has been extremely positive, and has confirmed the high hopes of the producers at the beginning of the harvest.
The final results are such that it seems safe to say that the year 2000 will be one of the finest vintages of the past decade and a half.