Consorzio Vino Nobile Montepulciano
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano


Features of the 1999 Vintage

Low temperatures during the winter months were followed by fairly mild weather in early spring and budbreak occurred regularly, starting at the beginning of April.
Owing to abundant rainfall during May and June and the consequent accumulation of water in the soil, the vines did not suffer from heat and drought during the months of July and August. This was favourable for veraison, which began earlier than usual from the middle of July. Rainfall at the end of August was followed by warm and sunny wearher all through the month of September, thus permitting the grapes to achieve a perfect condition of ripeness.
During the first half of October there was some light rainfall.

Summary of phenological stages

23/03 Bud swelling
08/04 Beginning of budbreak
20/04 Beginning of bunch formation
28/05 Flowering
05/06 Beginning of fruit set
26/07 Beginning of veraison
20/08 End of veraison

In spite of the light rains at the beginning of October, the grapes were in perfect condition at harvest-time, with much higher sugar levels than average.

The levels and development of the other analytical data were as follows:

- the total acidity was initially slightly higher than average and subsequently dropped to lower than average levels at harvest-rime;
- pH was well above average;
- the concentration of anthocyans was very high, and continued to increase even afrer rhe first five days of October. The extractability of the anthocyans did not reach particularly high levels. These last two factors can be taken to indicate a delay in the achievement of phenolic maturity.

The wines are rich in colour and intense in aroma, although in some cases not particularly fruity, and are of great structure and softness.