Consorzio Vino Nobile Montepulciano
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

I Poderi Boscarelli are located in a istorical position of the area of the docg  Vino Nobile : CERVOGNANO. 300 meters on sea-level, sud-east of Montepulciano, direction Valdichiana, the soil origin is allovional, all the area has a common base of compact sand  -about 3/4 meter deep -  all the rest are sediment , and as the  sediment has  diffrent size in diffren position in a river, as in Cervognano  are diffrent  because of higness: small round stones, sand, clay, walking few hundred meter in the vineyard is possible to see several diffrent terroir, all   with an high drenage potential.This soil composition give to wines a lot of elegance, perfect microclima does the rest.This great potential  motivates the family- by the beginning- to work looking for  the higher quality as possible .First of all extreme attention on the vineyard keeping.We made the first plantation  in the 6o's, at that time  we had planted 3500 vines per hectare .By the late 80's we had started to select the best plants and little by little  we have  replanted quite all the old vineyard,  nowadays the average density is 6000/7000 plants per Hectare. Production per plant is around 1.3 Kg.The  Sangiovese is the most important  variety (80%).On the rest 20% we are growing local vines  like Mammolo Canaiolo e Colorino, and few international (Merlot Cabernet, Shiraz).

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