Consorzio Vino Nobile Montepulciano
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Il Greppo
The vine-growing and wine-producing farm “Il Greppo”, based in the wine area of vino Nobile di Montepulciano, is firmly determined to place a higher price on the peculiarities of this area thanks to the use of selected clones that have been planted in the Greppo lands, specially suited to the vine growing as it is even described in some historical documents.
As a matter of fact this ground, of Pliocene origin, made up of clay rich in potassium, of yellow sands (tufa), of crushed and pudding stones mixed up with giant shells, allows to get high quality grapes and hence “Vino Nobile”, “of all wines the king” as the Tuscan poet Francesco Redi defined it. The climate as well, marked by its dry summers cooled by periodical hill-breezes and by a long autumn, sometimes allows even the noble rot, that gives a wine that is “pure poetry”. To get a superior wine we start from the vineyard by using eco-compatible treatments, trap-nests with pheromones, by thinning out the bunches, then we proceed in the cellar with a modern and innovative equipment such as the “Ganimede” patented tanks and the traditional wooden tuns, where the temperature is electronically controlled. Last but not least, we complete the ageing in French oak, Slavonia oak and European mixed oak barrels and barriques , in order to obtain a strong wine, spicy but rounded, delicate, fruity, pleasant but above all …unique.
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