Consorzio Vino Nobile Montepulciano
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Podere della Bruciata
We are young wine artisans that with a lot of dedication seek to achieve excellence in its products. We are Tuscans through generations and respectful of our tradition but always having an eye to the future. We cultivate the land that we love so much with Organic Certification and vinified naturally with indigenous yeasts, too little use of sulfite. We have simple methods and modest instrumentation because we believe that to make that good wine does not needs huge projects. The respect of the raw materials, the territory of Montepulciano and the consumer are the vanguard of our method: we ourselves are the firsts and very demanding consumers in drinking. We take care of every detail for the love of wine and the joy in drinking good and genuine.
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USTA - Rosato di Toscana IGT BIO

Only strictly selected Sangiovese grape. The wine is not filtered at all and clarified to keep intact as much as possible the primary aromas of the grapes. It 'a particular rosé that will satisfy fans of the genre. A clear pink with hints of pomegranate and dried fruit with a delicate aftertaste. Among our wines this is the only one made in steel tank. It has a nice personality and after the first sip you can not live without.

TIZZO - Rosso Di Toscana IGT BIO

It 'a wine anything but classic. No chemistry, only grapes. A Petit Verdot produced only in special vintages, great personality and dry extracted into our glass. The scents range from black berries up to pleasant floral notes of violet. The perfect balance in the mouth makes it pleasant and incredibly suitable for every meal. Possibility of a middle-aged.

BARCAIOLO -Chianti Colli Senesi BIO

Barcaiolo is a classic, one of those wine which is not easy to find. It is totally organic: zero chemestry, just grapes. The soil where the grapes are grown is most lysilt. This wine’s structure and equilibrium is common to all Podere della Bruciata’s wines. The wine-making process happens in concrete barrels and then the wine rests in bottles.

ERMETE - Rosso di Montepulciano BIO

The vineyard where the grapes for this wine come from is situated at 600m of altitude, one of the highest in Montepulciano. It is rather far away from the town and it is surrounded by woods. Here the soil is clayish and originally the plants struggled to grow. This resulted in amazing scents in the wine. Èrmete’s scents and structure are equilibrated, making one of the best examples of Tuscan Sangiovese. The wine-making process happens in cement tanks and rest in bottle.

CESIRO - Nobile Di Montepulciano BIO

This type of wine is quite exclusive and it is produced in small quantities. The wine-making process happens in concrete barrels, then in rovere wood barrels for 18 months. After that, the wine rests for some time in the bottles. The process to make this Nobile takes three years and much effort and dedication. The results are worth the work, since Cesiro is an extremely fine equilibrated wine.