Consorzio Vino Nobile Montepulciano
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Az. Agr. Tiberini

The farm estate covers an area of 22 hectares: 16,5 are planted with vineyards and 2 with olive groves. They are situated on the town’s southern flank at an altitude of 310 m above sea level, in one of the best zones of production of Vino Nobile. Actually this estate traces their lineage back several centuries. There are numerous testimonials to the high reputation this district enjoyed throughout history: Le Caggiole, together with Argiano and Cervognano, were already known by the Etruscans and the Romans for their production of Vino Nobile. Some vineyards are among the oldest and the most important in Montepulciano production zone. 

Our vineyards are mostly planted on tufa soils of Pliocene origin mixed with some clay and sand. They are well-exposed and cooled all day by air currents formed by the hills, so that grapes ripen in better conditions, even if vintage goes on until the end of October.

Either the old or the new vineyards are planted at a density of about 4200 plants per hectare, which is characteristic in the hilly region of Montepulciano. They are raised at Guyot, with a limited yield (less than 45/50 quintals per hectare), which permits the use of the best quality grapes.

We think that the best wines are made in the vineyards; that’s why we take great care over vineyards, controlling the pruning, using compost, choosing cultivation methods, marked by the maximum regard for nature. The main goal is in fact to contain yields and to produce high quality grapes. It is the combination of the microclimate and the soil composition, which don’t allow a great vegetative force, that contributes to contain the yield. The vineyards are supervised by agronomists, who control each phase of the cultivation and determine the right time to begin the green vintage.

The green grape harvest begins at the end of July or in early August, when the grapes are not ripe yet, in order to determine the optimal quantity of grapes for plant and to obtain the best disposition of the fruits on the vine, with the express aim to allow a complete ripeness of each grape in every vintage.

All the phases of the wine production and every cultivation method in the vineyards are carefully controlled by the members of our family. Particular attention has given to the grapes ripeness, which influences the beginning of vintage: the grape harvest is strictly manual to preserve the integrity of the fruit until it reaches the cellars. To select the best grapes in the vineyards, we rely on a staff, composed of family friends. Our wines are produced with best quality grapes, which grown in a land of culture, art and ancient traditions.

It is difficult to be a winemaker: there is more to it than just making a good wine. We have to work with tenacity and discipline, involving time, energy and money. However, to spend all day in the vineyard or in the cellar represents an exciting and endless challenge. In the farm Podere Le Caggiole we work no stop in order to get always better results. In fact, quality is not obtained in an instant: it is created day by day, over long years. It is for this reason that we set ourselves difficult tasks: using ancient methods together with modern and updated technologies, increasing the resources of the farm in order to increase quality, challenging ingrained convictions. We improve our wine joining tradition with innovation in the search of every better quality. This is why we must know our history, because it allows to respect tradition by renewing it each day.

We produce a quality wine, that it combines power, concentration, complexity and personality. The rich, dark, concentrated character of our wine represents the history of our family: farmers for six generations, who wanted to identify theirselves with the products of their work.

Our customers will remind our quality wine because of its characteristics: the objective organoleptic quality of the wine, the roundness and harmony of its flavours, its intense odour and its great capacity to develop even further through ageing.

Our wine is not simply a passing fashion: quality is what matters, nothing else. It is made by our dreams, by our experience, by our passions: it represents our traditions and the characteristics of the land, where springs from: the Podere Le Caggiole, in Montepulciano, in the province of Siena.

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